Labor Compliance: improvements in the work environment, reduction of liabilities and judicialization and strengthening of the company

April / 2019

With the advent of the Anti-Corruption Law, Law 12.846/2013, practices and Compliance activities gained strength, that is, ensuring compliance and compliance with all rules, from legislation to internal rules, policies and guidelines, for the company's business segment.

Considering the various obligations to which a company submits, which end up reflecting the conference of procedures in the fiscal, corporate, contractual, and environmental areas, Labor Compliance plays a fundamental role in the prevention and reduction of liabilities, as well as in the increase of welfare and productivity.

Usually linked to the audit and specific procedures, processes, conducts, documents, physical environment and even company climate are reviewed, with the purpose of identifying and mapping risks, preventing and correcting practices, both company and employees, contrary to the devices and regulations.

Through the tools of Labor Compliance, it is also possible to define norms, internal procedures and create codes of conduct, aligned with the values, vision and mission of the company, as well as instituting controls, seeking to improve the work environment, well-being and safety of the workers. In this sense, the dissemination of rules and science of employees encourages compliance and harmony, and gives greater foundation to the application of disciplinary measures, awards and promotions.

Any business organization can institute Labor Compliance, regardless of size of company or number of employees, and it is important that the entire procedure is performed by a specialized team.

In addition to complying with the requirement for contracting with the Public Authority, which has an increasing obligation, the implementation of these compliance programs has been praised by the market, highlighting companies that seek image and position in full.

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